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How Much does Residential Window Cleaning cost in Perth_

How Much does Residential Window Cleaning cost in Perth?

A professional residential window cleaner in Perth will charge you, on average, $211 per job. If you have a small house, expect to pay at least $80, and large residential buildings, especially those with hard-to-reach places, expect to shell out $421.

That said, most professional window cleaners in Perth charge between $149 and $293 for residential buildings.

However, the final price for any window cleaning job depends on several things, such as the number of windows you have installed, types of windows, the height of the building, expertise of the company, and so on.

So, there are a few factors that will determine the price you pay for professional window cleaning.

Fixed Price

Regardless of the size of windows or location, some window cleaners charge fixed prices for each window. The price per window covers the risk involved, effort, and time required for cleaning each window.

Additionally, the per-window costs will include both inside and outside the cleaning of the windows. Also, you will receive a free estimate of the cleaning cost before they can go ahead with any work.

Number of Windows

Compared to single-pane windows, multi-panel windows cost more to clean, which is because these windows generally require more time, energy, and attention to clean. But don’t be surprised if a professional home window cleaner reduces the price for multi-paned windows on larger projects. For example, a window cleaner average per pane fee is $5, but they may choose to offer you a fixed cost of $30 for 12-pane windows.

Window Type

Any given house will have different types of windows installed, and all of them will need to be washed differently. Some may require more effort and experience to clean while others might require less, a company may then use this to determine how much to charge.

Here are some examples of average pricing for different types of residential windows in Perth:

  • Double-hung, (two windows) $10 per window.
  • Multi-pane: $5 per pane. 

Window Cleaning Price After a Construction

After a remodelling of the house, there is likely to be dust and other unsightly things on your windows. And hiring a window cleaning company in such a case will cost you more because extra dust and dirt will require more resources to clean. For example, you can expect to pay $7 per window cleaning after construction as compared to $5 for a typical window clean.

Extra Services

Generally, window cleaners don’t charge extra to remove panels and clean them, which usually comes in the package, but then again, it depends on what was discussed when you hire the company. However, professionals may charge an additional fee to remove water stains or thoroughly clean the window rails.


Dangerous heights and hard access make cleaning the windows on the upper floors too tricky for the average homeowner to clean by themselves. But hiring a professional window cleaner to reach skylights and high windows will add shine to your entire home. It’s common for an expert to use a ladder, but some will charge more for working with difficult sites that complicate the safe placement of a ladder.

The Benefits of Professional Window Cleaning

Windows aren’t cheap and having them in your house is an investment worth taking good care of. That said, here are a few advantages of hiring a professional window cleaning company:

  • Clean windows brighten your home.
  • The windows are expensive to replace, and professional window washing can prolong your life by removing abrasive dirt.
  • Professional window cleaners can detect and fix trouble spots in advance, such as wood rot, glass bumps, mineral deposits, or persistent stains.


Tips for Cleaning Windows

Perhaps you only plan on hiring a professional window cleaner to clean your windows three to four times per year, and in between, you prefer doing your maintenance window cleaning. Here are a few tips to help:

For interior windows, use a safe mixture of 50% white vinegar and 50% warm tap water; Vinegar has been shown to leave the windows free of scratches, while alcohol and ammonia-based solutions are prone to scratches.

And avoid using old newspapers to clean your residential windows; they have chemicals that will, over time, damage your glass. Instead, lint-free cloth will do the job just fine, as it doesn’t leave behind residue on your glass.

You will get the best results if you clean your windows on a cloudy day because the cleaning mixture dries more quickly and can leave residue on sunny days.

Final Word

Increase the attractive exterior of your home and extend the glass life of your windows by hiring a professional window cleaner. Professionals can clean your windows both outside and inside; while preventing your glass from getting damaged. If you are still looking for a professional residential window cleaner in Perth, we can help. Window Cleaners Perth is a local company with years of experience cleaning the widows of residents of Perth. Call us today at 08 9551 7785 or book an appointment online for a FREE quote.

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