Top 10 Techniques to Get the Perfect House Window Clean

Top 10 Techniques to Get the Perfect House Window Clean

Top 10 Techniques to Get the Perfect House Window Clean

Cleaning house windows is usually a job that many people hate, as they have to struggle with dirt, with dripping water, with bundles of newspapers, or with annoying stains.

There are many techniques and methods you can use to clean your house windows, and this makes it challenging to know which one is the most effective. However, in case of doubt, it is always good to call window cleaning professionals. After all, their job is to clean windows; and they do so in a fast and efficient way.

That said, while there are several techniques and cleaners that you can use to achieve a good clean, only a few will help you get perfectly cleaned house windows.

In this post, we will look at ten of the most effective techniques to get the perfect house window clean.

Vinegar, an Infallible Ally

Not many cleaners will come close to achieving a similar effect as vinegar; by far, vinegar is the best cleaner you can use to clean your house windows to get a perfect clean. Vinegar has powerful cleaning properties and does a fantastic job cleaning your windows. And it does not have too much of that annoying smell like so many other cleaners that can cause allergies due to their strong odours.

Vinegar makes dirt removal easy; you don’t have to rub the windows tightly; just glide the cloth or periodic paper you are using over the glass. Also, cleaning your house windows with vinegar will give you a glossy and translucent finish.

Further, when cleaning your house windows with vinegar, we recommend combining a part of white vinegar with three parts of hot water. This will reduce whatever smell the vinegar has, also, add a touch of lemon juice to the mixture. However, if you’re very bothered by the smell of vinegar, you can prepare the solution with five parts of water instead of three.

And if you are one of those homeowners who have already bought commercial chemicals and want to use it with the vinegar, no problem. For this, we recommend that you combine them; this way, you’ll use less of the product. For the mixture, use three tablespoons of white vinegar in two cups of water, then add half a teaspoon of the liquid detergent. That’s all, and you now have a powerful and effective solution that will remove, especially stains, flawlessly.


Cleaning with Ammonia

Ammonia is right up there among the best products you can use to clean your house windows. Ammonia has excellent degreasing and cleansing properties. If you use it, you’ll achieve amazing results. But first, you will need to reduce the ammonia with a little water because ammonia is an abrasive product.


Cleaning with Starch

Starch is also an excellent product for cleaning windows. Just mix a teaspoon in half a litre of hot water and spread it over the glass with a sponge. Then rub the glass with newspaper to remove the starch. The results are impressive, but we don’t recommend using it to clean windows in full view of the sun, as the mixture would dry out before removing the dirt.

Cleaning with Alcohol

Just like vinegar and ammonia, alcohol is a powerful cleaning agent. All you need to do is add a bit of water, moisten some kitchen paper with the alcohol and water solution, then scrub the glass, emphasizing the area where there is a specific stain. Then dry with old newspapers.


Cleaning with Newspapers

Another way to clean windows without scratching them is to use old newspapers, and new ones, as the ink can cause stains. Using newspapers to clean your house windows is an ingenious trick because you will be able to scrub without fear of scratching your glass. And as a bonus, newspapers will also leave behind a small invisible layer that will make your windows more resistant to dirt.


Cleaning with a Hand Vacuum Cleaner

Clean the windows with a hand vacuum cleaner or a wet cloth. The vacuum cleaner will be useful for animal droppings, cobwebs, and dense dust. A damp cloth may be sufficient if there is only a slight layer of dust or dirt on the windows.


Cleaning on a Cloudy Day

No matter where you live, chances are there will be one cloudy day. That’s the day you need to clean your windows. Avoid washing your windows a sunny day because the sun will cause the cleanser foam to dry out, producing unsightly marks. And not to mention that you will be exposing yourself to the dreaded Australian sun, which will make the job more challenging to complete.


Cleaning Very Dirty Windows

If you went several months without cleaning your windows, they are probably very dirty. In this case, it is best to use a porous sponge and clean from top to bottom. This to prevent dripping water. You can use a microfiber cloth to polish the glass when it is dry. Just be careful that there is no lint left on the fabric on the glass.


Vertical and Horizontal Cleaning 

Perhaps, after washing your windows inside and out, you aren’t pleased with the results; you still see stains. You check inside for the stains, and you see none, you check outside, and nothing either. What should you do? It’s a real nightmare scenario.

In such cases, we recommend that when you wash your windows on both sides.  Clean side by side on the inside and make vertical movements on the outside; doing this will prevent you from going crazy when you can’t figure out which side the stain is.


Cleaning Blinds

Since not all windows have glass, some are blinds. These are exposed to the outside, so they need cleaning as well. That said, cleaning them is very easy, just spray them with an antiseptic spray and use a cloth to clean them. And remember to use a material that leaves no residue behind.



We have come to the end of a straightforward, useful, and practical guide on ten proven techniques to get the perfect house window clean. The good thing about these techniques is that you can do them by yourself without the need to hire a professional window cleaner. But if you don’t have the time and would prefer to hire a professional to clean your windows, Window Cleaners Perth is your solution. We are the most trusted window cleaner in Perth and experienced, equipped, and have the expertise to give your windows the perfect clean.

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